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A Decent Living: Women Workers in the Winnipeg Garment Industry
Annalee Golz, David Millar and Barbara Roberts with Lois Kunkel and Astrid Mendelsohn Zimmer
During the 1980s, the world garment industry underwent a massive industrialmodernization. The result was a global workplace in which employers sought increasingly marginal profits by exploiting their employees. This study describes how the garment industry in Winnipeg developed historically and how it responded to the challenges of the past decade. The reader is taken into the garment factories of Winnipeg to hear garment workers testify in their own words about what the process of restructuring to meet global competition has meant for their lives and their jobs.
116 pp. Paper only. $6.95 0-919940-26-9

Pioneer and Gentlewoman of British North America
Beth Light and Alison Prentice (eds.)
The first in a three-volume documentary series in Canadian women’s history. Documents on childhood, education, work, marriage, family life and old age are followed by materials dealing with women’s private and public roles in the pre-Con-federation period. Includes analytical introductions and a bib-liography. Fully indexed.
245 pp.Paper $9.95 0-919940-15-3 Cloth $17.50 0-919940-16-1

Canadian Women on the Move: 1867-1920
Beth Light and Joy Parr (eds.)
The second volume in the Canadian women’s history series, this book presents a diverse collection of writings by women about their private and public lives. Included are interpretive introductions to each section, as well as to the book as a whole, and a selected bibliography. Fully indexed.
314 pp. Paper only. $18.50 0-919940-18-8

No Easy Road: Women in Canada 1920s to 1960s
Beth Light and Ruth Roach Pierson Introductions by Ruth Roach Pierson
The third volume in the Canadian women’s history series, this book contains documents that illustrate the conditions and concerns of women in Canada between the 1920s and the 1960s, delineating the experience that set the stage for the contemporary Canadian women’s movement.
427 pp. Paper $15.95 0-919940-23-4 Cloth $31.00 0-919940-24-2

Women’s Paid and Unpaid Work Historical and Contemporary Perspectives
Edited By Paula Bourne
This collection of essays by Gail Brandt, Margrit Eichler, Ruth Pierson, Alison Prentice and Veronica Strong-Boag provides a background for examining women’s paid and unpaid work as well as aspects of women’s collective activities in the past.
123 pp. Paper only. $6.00 0-919940-20-X


Relief Strike: Immigrant Workers and the Great Depression in Crowland, Ontario, 1930-1935
Carmela Patrias
Carmela Patrias explores the background of a strike by relief workers in the suburban township of Crowland in 1935. The strike pitted relief recipients against stubborn local authorities and soon attracted the attention of the Premier of the Province who sent the Ontario Provincial Police to reinforce municipal government.
54 pp. Paper only. $2.50 0-919940-25-0

Dreaming of What Might Be: The Knights of Labor in Ontario, 1880-1900
Gregory S. Kealey and Bryan D. Palmer
This compelling analysis of the Knights of Labor in nineteenth-century Ontario takes issue with traditional portrayals of the Knights as a utopian, nostalgic, and anachronistic organization and shows the important role they played in the creation of a Canadian working class.
503 pp. Paper only. $20.00 0-919940-22-6

Lectures in Canadian Labour and Working-Class History
Edited by W.J.C. Cherwinski and Gregory S. Kealey
This volume includes a selection of essays by some of Canada’s leading social historians and by some of the outstanding participants in the making of Canadian labour history, providing an easily accessible survey of Canada’s labour past.
198 pp. Paper only. $10.00 0-919940-21-8

The Great War and Canadian Society: An Oral History
Edited by Daphne Read with an introduction by Russell Hann
A selection of the reminiscences of Canadian men and women who lived through the First World War from oral history collected in 1974. In evoking the humour, anger, heartaches and controversy of the war years, their stories give a view of ordinary lives in wartime which official histories have long ignored. Illustrated.
224 pp. Paper $4.95 0-919940-02-1 Cloth $10.95 0-919940-01-3

Mumming in Outport Newfoundland
Gerald Sider
A study of folk culture in Newfoundland’s outport villages and its decline in the face of modern industrialism.
32 pp. Paper only. $0.80

The East York Workers Association: A Response to the Great Depression
Patricia V. Schulz
A look at one community’s organized fight to protect the living standards of unemployed workers during the Depression.
76 pp. Paper only. $1.25


Making of E.P. Thompson: Marxism, Humanism, and History
Bryan D. Palmer
This study is an analysis of E.P. Thompson’s humanism and Marxism as they are woven throughout his politics, theory, and historical studies. Arguing against a "purely academic reading" of Thompson, Palmer examines the criticisms of Thompson’s work and defends the view of history and human agency that leads to a politics of practice, rather than a politics of theory.
144 pp. Paper only. $4.95 0-919940-17-X

On Active Service in War and Peace
Jesse Lemisch with an introduction by Thomas Schofield
This is a revised text of Lemisch’s bitter, well-documented attack on the American historical profession for its rabid anti-radicalism and its complicity in American imperialism.
160 pp. Paper only. $3.00 0-919940-00-5


Eight Men Speak and Other Plays from the Canadian Workers’ Theatre
Edited by Richard Wright and Robin Endres Introduction by Robin Endres
This anthology of 1930s agitprop theatre from Canadian Masses and New Frontier and the repertoires of the Workers’ Experimental Theatre and Theatre of Action, features Eight Men Speak, a six-act dramatization of the imprisonment eight Communist Party leaders in 1933.
183 pp. Paper $6.50 0-919940-04-8 Cloth $12.95 0-919940-03-X
Currently not available. It is being reprinted.

Voices of Discord Canadian Short Stories from the 1930s
Edited by Donna Phillips with an introduction by Ken Hughes
An anthology of stories reprinted from Canadian periodicals that were an important publishing forum for new authors in the 1930s, it conveys a rich and complex view of Canadian life during the Depression years.
220 pp. Paper only. $3.95 0-919940-12-9

Echoes from Labor’s War: Industrial Cape Breton in the 1920s
Dawn Fraser Introduction by David Frank and Don Macgillivray
A collection of narrative verse by labour poet and radical Dawn Fraser (1888-1968) which brings to life the years of sharp industrial conflict in Cape Breton in the 1920s.
96 pp. Cloth only $7.00 0-919940-08-9

Traces of Magma: An Annotated Bibliography of Left Literature
Rolf Knight
This annotated bibliography of left-wing novels and other material that deal with the lives of working people during the twentieth century provides brief synopses of more than 3,000 titles in some 50 languages by about 1,500 authors from over 90 countries.
360 pp. Paper only. $13.00 0-86491-034-7


Underdevelopment and Social Movements in Atlantic Canada
Edited by Robert J. Brym and R. James Sacouman
A collection of essays challenging conventional theories about underdevelopment in Atlantic Canada and presenting an alternative view of the origins and nature of regional disparity. The authors offer a persuasive and well-documented argument that underdevelopment is a consequence of capitalist development itself.
256 pp. Paper $8.95 0-919940-14-5 Cloth $15.00 0-919940-13-7

Essays on the Political Economy of Alberta
Edited by David Leadbeater
This collection of essays provides an excellent introduction to the political and economic history of Alberta and to some of the most important issues facing contemporary Alberta
240 pp. Paper only. $12.95 0-919940-19-6

Researching Canadian Corporations
Manuel Gordon
Detailing the hows and whys of getting information on Canadian corporations, this book is aimed at those who find themselves victims of some corporation’s malice or indifference and want to do something about it.
77 pp. Paper only. $2.50 0-919940-10-2

Imperialism, Nationalism and Canada
Edited by Craig Heron Introduction by John Saul and Craig Heron
This collection of nine original essays explores Canada’s status in the system of world imperialism and the dynamics of class, race, and region within the Canadian nation state.
208 pp. Paper $5.95 0-919940-06-4 Cloth $13.00 0-919940-07-2

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